28 Small Urban Garden Ideas

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28 Small Urban Garden Ideas


This article is an inspiration piece. It shares 28 different small urban gardens. Some are very modern while others are traditional. Some are small while others look pretty expansive.

I loved #27 because of all of the container plants and # 28 because of the water feature. Photo 29 demonstrates a neat vertical gardening approach. #38 looks like a place I’d like to come home to after a long, hard day. #50 is a truly impressive container garden. I also love the pond in #51.

To navigate through all of the garden photographs look for navigation arrows at the top right and left of each page.

I enjoyed looking through all of the small space gardens and picking out features I’d like to try myself. Click on the 28 Small Urban Garden Ideas link below to see all of the ideas.

28 Small Urban Garden Ideas

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