Butterfly Garden Flowers & Plants by Region

Butterfly Garden Flowers & Plants by Region


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Butterfly gardening is the practice of planting flowers and plants that attract butterflies to a garden. The butterflies are pretty, fun to watch and fun to photograph. Some people also try to attract butterflies that are rare or threatened and try to help them to multiply and survive.

Jessica of the Wayfair site sent me a link to their wonderful website. It’s a map of the United States. Click on your region and you’ll see pictures of all of the butterflies native to your region. For each butterfly, you’ll find the name, the nectar plants it likes and the host plants it looks for to lay eggs.

There is also a link on their guide to starting a butterfly garden. It’s a WONDERFUL resource for the gardener or butterfly enthusiast. Click on the Butterfly Garden Flowers & Plants by Region link below to read the article.

Butterfly Garden Flowers & Plants by Region

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