How to Convert a Whiskey Barrel into a Water Barrel

How to Convert a Whisky Barrel into a Water Barrel

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Rain barrels are an effective way to collect, store, and reuse rain water for lawn and garden use. That means using less tap water for gardening which helps conserve fresh water and reduces your water bills.

This article shows one way to convert a whiskey barrel into a rain barrel. In this approach, they used a flexible hose that connects the downspout to the barrel. So a portion of rainwater will flow into the barrel. Normally, there’s a overflow hose that empties extra water into a safe area away from the house.

Before installing a rain barrel, check your local ordinances about rain barrels. Some communities have requirements for emptying barrels within a certain amount of time. That’s to avoid standing water which can attract mosquitoes.

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How to Convert a Whiskey Barrel into a Water Barrel


  1. Mallory says:

    I just did this yesterday – I’m anxiously awaiting rain!

    I was surprised at how fragrant the whiskey barrel still was – are you concerned at all that it will be harmful to your plants?

    • Hi Mallory. That’s a good question. You could scrub the barrel with a wire brush. But I think after a couple of good storms, the barrel water should be pretty clean. Let me know how it goes 🙂

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