How to Make a Space-Efficient Gardening Rack

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How to Make a Space-Efficient Gardening Rack

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This is the PERFECT gardening rack for small balconies! It’s easy to build, attach and remove. Another nice thing is when you open it, you can tend to your plants and flowers without bending over. Finally, because it attaches to the balcony railing with straps, there’s no damage to the railing and it’s totally portable.

There’s a great materials list, including drawings of each part that you’ll need. There are also build instructions with photos. The larger frame fits into the rails with the extended bolt or thinner wood inserted into the rails. You can raise it or lower it and secure with straps.

Please note, I always click “View All Steps” at the bottom of the article. There are 9 steps in this project.

Click on the How to Make a Space-Efficient Gardening Rack link below to see the complete tutorial.

How to Make a Space-Efficient Gardening Rack

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