How to Start a Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden

This post by the North American Butterfly Association describes how to start a butterfly garden in your back yard.

As the article states:

Beginning a butterfly garden can be as simple as choosing flowering plants that will invite adult butterflies to your garden to feed. But if you want to create a butterfly garden that will act as a sanctuary, attracting a wide variety of butterflies while also providing a place where butterflies can grow and multiply, you will first need some simple planning. By considering which plants to grow and evaluating your garden site, you can plant a butterfly garden that will help with the creation of more butterflies.

The post then discusses in detail:

  • Plant Selection
  • Site Selection

Click on the How to Start a Butterfly Garden link below to read the complete post

How to Start a Butterfly Garden

Here’s Another Post That Describes the Specific Plants that Work Best in a Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Plants

This post on describes specific flowers and plants that attract not only monarch butterflies, but other butterflies, hummingbirds, bees, moths as well.

“Most of the butterfly plants listed below attract monarchs but some will also attract other butterflies, hummingbirds, bees, and moths.

“These are the plants and butterfly flowers (both native and non-native) that have attracted the most butterflies to our garden and to other gardens across North America. This also includes host plants to feed butterfly caterpillars.”

The post discusses in detail the following butterfly-attracting flowers and plants. There’s also a section about Butterfly Caterpillars. And there are links to merchants where you can buy the flower and plant seeds.

  • Blue Butterfly Flowers
  • Butterfly Bushes
  • Climbing Vines for Butterflies
  • Orange Butterfly Bushes
  • Pink Butterfly Flowers
  • Purple Butterfly Flowers
  • Red Butterfly Flowers
  • White Butterfly Flowers
  • Yellow Butterfly Flowers
  • Lantana Plants
  • Zinnia Flowers
  • Host Butterfly Plants for Butterfly Caterpillars
  • Butterfly Plants for Every Season
  • Nectar Plants for Pollinators

Click on the Butterfly Plants List – Butterfly Flowers and Host Plant Ideas link below to see the complete list of butterfly plants and flowers.

Butterfly Plants List – Butterfly Flowers and Host Plant Ideas

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