Humidity-Absorbing Houseplants

Plants that Reduce Humidity

If you live in an area where there’s excess humidity, one way to reduce that humidity is to grow certain plants in your home. This post explains the benefits and recommends specific plants.

Bonnie begins the post with:

“Winter mold, mustiness and damp in the home are caused by excess humidity. The problem happens in warm, muggy regions too. Dehumidifiers and other solutions can have some effect but plants are a prettier, more natural way to remove some of the clammy air and damp ambiance. Humidity absorbing houseplants serve dual purpose as they harvest the moisture they need from the air and bring the outdoors in.”

She discusses:

  • Benefits of Reducing Humidity
  • How Plants Can Reduce Humidity
  • Specific Plants That Reduce Humidity

Great post! Click on the Humidity-Absorbing Houseplants link below to see Bonnie’s complete post and recommendations. 

Humidity-Absorbing Houseplants