How to Use Eggshells in the Garden

Calcium from eggshells is very helpful to garden soil. It both moderates soil acidity and provides nutrients for your plants.  In this article, Patrick first explains how to prepare the eggshells from drying them out to pulverizing them. He then shares different ways to apply the eggshells in the garden. How to apply eggshells if you haven’t […]

Best Chocolate Scented Flowers

Does anything sound better than chocolate-scented flowers?  Last year I grew Chocolate Mint for the first time.  In addition to providing a wonderful scent, the chocolate mint was great fro flavoring coffee, tea, water and lemonade.  Please Note: Not all chocolate-scented flowers can be eaten. In this post you’ll find 7 different, chocolate-scented flowers and […]

Miniature Flowering Bulbs

  This is a great post about miniature flowering bulbs. They great for smaller gardens, fairy gardens, rock gardens, and container gardens. The post begins: “I encourage you to think small this year when you plant spring flowering bulbs in your garden. The dainty blooms of muscari, crocus, miniature daffodils and the like should not […]

How to Convert a Whiskey Barrel into a Water Barrel

Rain barrels are an effective way to collect, store, and reuse rain water for lawn and garden use. That means using less tap water for gardening which helps conserve fresh water and reduces your water bills. This article shows one way to convert a whiskey barrel into a rain barrel. In this approach, they used […]

18 DIY Stacked Pot Ideas

Stacked pot planters are a great way to grow flowers, herbs, or veggies vertically, which is perfect for small space gardens, balconies, patios etc. In this post, you’ll find a description of 18 different stacked post ideas with photos. If you see an idea you like, click the link below the photo. You’ll see either […]

How to Grow Cucumbers in Containers

There’s a LOT of information packed into this article. Kerry shares helpful tips to help you to successfully grow cucumbers in containers. She covers the following: What container is the best and Why? How much sun is best for cucumbers? What kind of soil should you use? What kind of fertilizer do cucumbers need? Are […]

17 Hanging Herb Garden Ideas For Small Spaces!

If you don’t have a lot of gardening space, it’s still easy to grow herbs. This post includes 17 different hanging herb gardens that you can use indoors. If you see an herb garden that you like, click the link under that picture and you’ll be brought to a tutorial. Here are just a few […]

17 DIY Magical Potions For Killing Weeds

  There are a lot of weed killers and pesticides that you can buy at stores and nurseries. But they’re expensive and sometimes contain toxic ingredients.  In this post you’ll find 17 different potions or treatments to kill weeds. For each remedy, there’s a picture and a brief explanation of how it works. Then there’s […]

How to Help Tall, Thin, Leggy Plants

A common problem gardeners face when starting their seeds is tall, thin, leggy seedlings. The plants shoot up and lean toward the light source and sometimes fail to thrive. In this gardening tips post, SeedsNow explains what causes thin, leggy seedlings and provides 5 easy tips to correct the problem   Click on the How to […]

19 Beautiful DIY Bird Feeders

During the winter it’s more difficult for birds to find food. By hanging bird feeders in your back yard, you accomplish a couple of things. First, you help the birds to survive the harsh weather by giving them food. Secondly, the birds add warmth and color to you back yard. This is a collection of […]