How to Read a Seed Packet

This Is a really helpful article for beginners in gardening. Jenny decided to explain all of the things that you normally find on a seed packet. She explains the following: Seed Depth or Planting Depth Row Spacing and Plant Spacing Days in Germination Germination Temperature Packaging Date And More She also includes some valuable additional […]

How to Make DIY Paper Seedling Pots

Do you want to some easy-to-make pots for starting seeds this spring? Well Jill has a great solution. In this article, she shares a tutorial for DIY paper seedling pots. They are both frugal and a snap to make. She provides step-by-step directions that include photographs. Click on the How to Make a DIY Paper […]

Vegetable Gardening 101: 5 Gardening Basics for Beginners

Whether you’re container gardening, raised bed gardening or gardening in a small or larger plot of land, this article will help you. Nicole discusses the 5 basics of gardening in detail: Soil In addition to tilling, Nicole discusses soil analysis and things you can do to improve your soil. There are a lot of tools available […]

12 Fail-Proof Food Crops for Beginners

Kris reveals 12 of the easiest and best plants for beginners to grow in their gardens. She divides them up by season. There are 5 veggies that can be planted in the cool season: spring or fall. Then there are the warm season vegetables that love the summer sun. Seven veggies are in this group. […]