Deter Garden Pests Naturally with Homemade Hot Pepper Spray

Subscribe to the Small Garden Ideas Newsletter Here. Follow Small Garden Ideas on  Pinterest Here. I don’t know a gardener who hasn’t been faced with flower or vegetable leaves that suddenly looked like Swiss cheese. It’s an awful experience. Some insect is using your garden for dinner. Beetles. Grubs. Who knows? It’s often hard to catch them in […]

5 Easy Small Vegetable Garden Ideas to Try

Subscribe to the Small Garden Ideas Newsletter Here. Follow Small Garden Ideas on  Pinterest Here. There are some really neat small vegetable garden ideas in this article. If you see an option you like, click on the link for more details. There’s one option that is perfect for indoor gardening, even during the winter. It’s a commercial product, […]

How to Prepare Leftover Coffee Grounds for the Garden

Adding coffee grounds to garden soil can improve the levels of acidity, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and copper. In this article, Rosemary first explains how she prepares coffee grounds so that they don’t get moldy. This method gives you a supply of coffee grounds that you can use to directly apply to soil (not compost). She […]

Top 10 Gardening Posts

Colleen has collected her top 10 gardening posts of all time. I’ve learned so much from her articles. I just used the simple seed viability test that she recommends. This article contains links to 10 of Colleen’s best gardening articles. You’ll find the following: Simple Seed Viability Test Where to Buy Seeds Starting Seeds with […]

Garden Microclimates – What You Need to Know to Improve Your Garden

Most gardeners have plotted the sun flow in their gardens either manually or with a sun calculator. In addition to that, a gardener also knows the windy portions of the garden, where the soil is dry or where it’s overly wet. The fact is there are often microclimates in any garden. In this article, the […]

How to Start Planting, Sow Seeds and Maximize Garden Space

Dan features an article by Amy Pennington who has extensive gardening experience. Amy discusses two different ways to sow seeds, transplanting techniques and Intensive Gardening. Intensive Gardening is the practice of producing and harvesting as much as you possibly can in a given space (vertical gardening, intercropping, succession planting, and crop rotation.) It’s a really […]

How to Grow Lots of Tomatoes Organically

Laurie provides step-by-step instructions on how to grow organic tomatoes for beginners. It’s a detailed article with a LOT of helpful photos. She discusses: Preparing the soil Buying or Growing the tomato plant When and how to plant To add supports or not Mulch Watering Weeding Harvesting Click on the How to Grow Lots of […]