Small Vegetable Garden Ideas

Ellen on begins her post with a great example of what small-space gardening is like: GROWING a small vegetable garden is like living in a small house: It’s not as easy as it looks. One of the keys to success is making good plant choices. Choose compact, productive plants that take up less space yet […]

Your Guide to Growing Lettuce in Containers 

Rhonda introduces this post with: “For years I struggled with how and when to grow lettuce. So, I decided to try growing lettuce in containers. For three years now, we’ve enjoyed more lettuce than I could have ever imagined. Growing lettuce in containers makes it easy to weed, control disease and harvest seeds.” Rhonda goes on to discuss: […]

53 Favorite Backyard Projects

Subscribe to the Small Garden Ideas Newsletter Here. Follow Small Garden Ideas on  Pinterest Here. If you’re looking for inspiration and tutorials for backyard projects to tackle this summer, this article could help you! Sunset has collected 53 different backyard projects. Some would work well in smaller spaces. There’s a wide variety of DIY projects: fun, gardening, furniture, […]

How to Harvest Lettuce in a Container Garden

  In this short video, Mike demonstrates how he harvests lettuce from a container in his urban garden. One of the neat things about lettuce is that if you harvest it correctly, the plant continues to grow new lettuce leaves. Nice video! Click on the How to Harvest Lettuce in a Container Garden link below […]

How to Plant Lettuce in Containers

This is one of the better gardening videos I’ve seen. It features Christy Wilhelmi of Gardenerd. She has a very nice presentation style and knows her gardening. Christy explains the basics of planting lettuce in pots and containers: Pot selection Sunlight requirements Soil How to plant the lettuce Click on the How to Plant Lettuce […]