How to Plant Hanging Upside Down Tomatoes

Upside Down tomato planters are popular. DIY tutorials usually use 5 gallon buckets. As Zoe_Roses notes, these planters are usually pretty ugly. Here, she shares her tutorial for making upside down tomato planters in large Coco Baskets. You can hang them from a shepherd’s hook which makes watering easier. Make sure you hang them in […]

Growing 5 Best Heirloom Tomatoes In Pots

There’s nothing that tastes better than a sun-warmed tomato fresh from the garden. The good news for people with small garden areas including balconies, patios, and urban gardens is that you can grow full-size heirloom tomatoes in containers! This post by Tina explains everything you need to know. Tina begins: “If you don’t have space for […]

Small Vegetable Garden Ideas

Ellen on begins her post with a great example of what small-space gardening is like: GROWING a small vegetable garden is like living in a small house: It’s not as easy as it looks. One of the keys to success is making good plant choices. Choose compact, productive plants that take up less space yet […]

Growing Tomatoes and Vegetables In Containers

Julie provides 10 tips that will help you to  grow tomatoes in containers. Container gardening allows you to grow this veggie on patios, balconies, rooftops, and in gardens with poor soil. As Julie says: “Growing tomatoes in pots levels the home garden playing field, bringing a crop of homegrown ‘maters within reach for almost anyone, regardless […]

10 Tomatoes to Grow in Your Container Garden

Colleen often runs out of good garden spots for her tomato plants, so she ends up using containers. In this article, she shares 10 different tomato varieties that have worked well for her when planted in pots. Colleen admits to being obsessive about tomatoes. Her passion is clear as she discusses each variety. She covers […]

5 Tips for Growing Tomatoes in Containers

If you’re thinking of growing tomatoes in containers this summer, this is a really helpful article. Kerry shares her tips for improving your chances of successfully growing tomato plants in containers. She discusses the best containers to use, watering requirements, fertilizers, lighting needs, and how to plant the tomatoes. One of the tools that Kerry […]