How to Use Eggshells in the Garden

Calcium from eggshells is very helpful to garden soil. It both moderates soil acidity and provides nutrients for your plants.  In this article, Patrick first explains how to prepare the eggshells from drying them out to pulverizing them. He then shares different ways to apply the eggshells in the garden. How to apply eggshells if you haven’t […]

How to Convert a Whiskey Barrel into a Water Barrel

Rain barrels are an effective way to collect, store, and reuse rain water for lawn and garden use. That means using less tap water for gardening which helps conserve fresh water and reduces your water bills. This article shows one way to convert a whiskey barrel into a rain barrel. In this approach, they used […]

Smart Self-Watering Devices for Plants

Keeping your plants and flowers watered while you’re away on vacation can be a challenge. Having a friend or neighbor water your plants doesn’t always work out. Praying for rain also doesn’t always work.  This post by Stephanie offers several solutions. As she says: “Summer is the perfect time for weekend getaways like camping, cottaging, […]

14 Best DIY Self-Watering Container Garden Ideas

A lot of people have busy schedules and busy lives and sometimes forget to water their gardens. This post discusses 14 different approaches to self-watering gardens. This is a method where you provide a water source that your container plants can draw on during the day. Here are just a few: A self-watering wicking garden […]

Our New Melon Garden – Stage One: Tilling and Planting

Subscribe to the Small Garden Ideas Newsletter Here. Follow Small Garden Ideas on  Pinterest Here. After her husband got a new tractor with a rototiller and front bucket loader, they decided to put in a melon and squash garden. I have tractor envy. This is a wonderful way to till and prepare garden soil. Lisa explains how they […]

How to Make a DIY Backyard Pond & Landscape Water Feature

Subscribe to the Small Garden Ideas Newsletter Here. Follow Small Garden Ideas on  Pinterest Here. This is a neat DIY project! Susan built her own backyard pond and waterfall. The project includes a little stone wall with a backdrop of plants and grasses. There’s a step-by-step tutorial with photos. Susan also explains some problems she ran into and […]

How to Take Down your Gutter Downspouts and Replace them with Rain Chains and Barrels – DIY

Rain chains are a beautiful alternative to closed gutter downspouts. They attach at the top of the gutter and hang down the side of the house and into a rain barrel or water collection receptacle.  Rain chains often have small cups to slow the fall of water down into a rain barrel. They’re both practical […]

3 Different Types of Soil and Natural Fixes for Soil Problems

Do you know how to resolve soil problems in your garden? If not, this article will help you. Debra first describes the three main types of soil. She also includes a fourth option you can use in certain gardens. One type of soil is optimal and doesn’t need any fixes. For the other soil types, […]

Vegetable Gardening 101: 5 Gardening Basics for Beginners

Whether you’re container gardening, raised bed gardening or gardening in a small or larger plot of land, this article will help you. Nicole discusses the 5 basics of gardening in detail: Soil In addition to tilling, Nicole discusses soil analysis and things you can do to improve your soil. There are a lot of tools available […]

Three Easy Ways to Water Container Gardens

One of the challenges of container gardening is keeping the soil watered. Colleen (  shares three easy ways to water container gardens. These methods provide a slow, steady stream of water to your container gardens even in the hottest weather. These are low-tech, commonsense solutions. One approach involves using small, unglazed terra cotta pots. There’s […]