Garden Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Welcome to Small Garden Ideas. We offer gardening ideas from around the internet that address the needs of people with small gardening spaces. This includes pocket gardens, patio gardens, balcony gardens, rooftop gardens, urban gardens and more. There's No space too small for a gardener! If you have any questions, please contact us at Thank you!
Anne has some great ideas for small space gardening. She begins her post with:

“Good design is essential for small space gardens. If you have limited room to grow as many of us do in urban areas, maximizing the area you can garden in and wise plant selection are top priorities. These space saving solutions may be just what you need …

There are many scenarios where garden space is minimal including rental properties; apartments and units with balconies; villas and townhouses with small courtyards; retirement homes; caravan parks; community garden allotments and many suburban blocks.”

She goes on to discuss:

  • Stacking Options
  • Narrow Niche Strategies
  • Steps and Ladders
  • Bags (I use these – they’re great!)
  • Succession Planting
  • Plant Choices
  • Great Suggestions and Tips
  • A video on Container Gardening

It’s an excellent and very helpful post for people who have a small area for gardening and are looking for ideas.

Click on the Garden Design Ideas for Small Spaces link below to see the complete post.

Garden Design Ideas for Small Spaces 

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