How to Build a Potato Condo

how to build a potato condo

A Potato Condo is a vertical gardening method that allows you grow potatoes in wooden boxes. It works best with late-season potatoes. You start with a bottom box, fill it partially with soil and plant seed potatoes. As the potatoes grow, you add on more boards to make the box higher. You then add more soil.

Using this process of building the box or condo higher as the plants grow, results in a much greater yield. As the potatoes mature, you can remove the side boards to harvest some of them.

Jess provides a complete supplies list and directions. This is one of the better, step-by-step descriptions for building a potato condo that I’ve seen. Click on the How to Build a Potato Condo link below to read the article.

How to Build a Potato Condo

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