Selecting a Birdhouse: Top 5 Considerations

Selecting a Birdhouse

Whether you plan to buy a birdhouse or build a birdhouse, this article has some key considerations to think about.

As the post begins:

“Many bird enthusiasts purchase a birdhouse at a local discount store and later find that it does not attract any birds. Wild bird watchers are often tempted to select a birdhouse based upon its decorative appearance. They want it to serve as a garden accent that happens to attract birds.

Many times, however, these birdhouses lack the specifications and features birds require for nesting. Careful consideration of the following specifications can make the difference between an unused garden accent and a backyard full of song.”

The post then goes into detail about selecting a birdhouse that will safely attract the birds you want to your garden.

Click on the Selecting a Birdhouse: Top 5 Considerations link below to see the complete post. It’s a good one.

Selecting a Birdhouse: Top 5 Considerations

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