How to Create a Pocket Garden

How to Make a Pocket Garden

In this post, Bonnie explains how to create a pocket garden.

She begins:

“Pocket gardens allow you the opportunity to brighten a space with living plants in underutilized spaces. Special unexpected pops of color and texture can soften even the sparest spaces and all you need is a little bit of soil and a niche of space. Pocket garden design is a fun way to get creative with your unique space and enliven previously flat, boring parts of the outdoors. Some pocket garden information can get you started on developing your own unique style in the landscape.

She then discusses:

  • What is a pocket garden?
  • Examples of pocket gardens
  • Some links to plants you can use in a pocket garden
  • Pocket garden design

This is another example of how you can have a garden in the smallest of spaces.  Click on the How to Create a Pocket Garden link below to read Bonnie’s complete post.

How to Create a Pocket Garden

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