Best Chocolate Scented Flowers

Best Chocolate Scented Flowers | Plants and Flowers That Smell Like Flower

Does anything sound better than chocolate-scented flowers?  Last year I grew Chocolate Mint for the first time.  In addition to providing a wonderful scent, the chocolate mint was great fro flavoring coffee, tea, water and lemonade.  Please Note: Not all chocolate-scented flowers can be eaten.

In this post you’ll find 7 different, chocolate-scented flowers and herbs. There are beautiful photographs so that you can see what the flower would look like, if you decided to grow it in your garden. They’re all ideally suited for container gardening on patios, balconies, rooftops and other small-space gardens.

Click on the Best Chocolate Scented Flowers link below to see all 7 plants

Best Chocolate Scented Flowers

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