18 DIY Stacked Pot Ideas

18 Stacked Pots


Stacked pot planters are a great way to grow flowers, herbs, or veggies vertically, which is perfect for small space gardens, balconies, patios etc.

In this post, you’ll find a description of 18 different stacked post ideas with photos. If you see an idea you like, click the link below the photo. You’ll see either a video tutorial or a tutorial article explaining how to make that stacked pot project.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Stacked pot lettuce vertical planter (I am SO doing this one for next year)
  • Tipsy Pot Plant Tower
  • Terracotta Pot Plant Tower (super easy!)
  • DIY Strawberry Tower (another one I’m doing next Spring)
  • A 3-Tiered summer planter
  • And MORE!!

Click on the 18 DIY Stacked Pot Ideas link below to see these great projects.

18 DIY Stacked Pot Ideas

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