10 Secrets for Growing an Edible Urban Balcony Garden

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Photo Credit: Marie Viljoen

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Michelle of the Gardenista site shares 10 tips by Marie Viljoen on how to create an urban balcony garden. One important thing to note is that Marie grows much of her food in her garden.

The post begins:

“Raised in South Africa by a mother who is a ferociously good gardener, Marie Viljoen had one non-negotiable requirement when she went apartment hunting in Brooklyn. “I took this tiny, tiny apartment only because it had a terrace on the top floor of a brownstone, where it was open to the sky,” she says. “I knew I could have a garden.”

A small terrace, to be sure–the size of a bathroom, say, or a walk-in closet. But Viljoen, taking advantage of the good light, a wide ledge for pots, and enough floor space for a table and two chairs, has transformed it into a lush garden where she dines outdoors and grows much of her food.

Marie then shares 10 practical tips for starting your own urban balcony garden. In addition to fruit and vegetables, she also grows flowers and herbs and has created an amazing urban garden.

Click on the 10 Secrets for Growing an Edible Urban Balcony Garden link below to see Marie’s tips and wonderful photographs of her garden.

10 Secrets for Growing an Edible Urban Balcony Garden

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