14 Springtime Water-Garden Care Tips

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If you have a water garden or are planning to install one, this is a very helpful article. Margaret has been managing two in-ground, rubber-lined garden pools for more than 20 years and has learned a LOT!

She shares 14 tips that will help you to get your water garden in shape.  Algae is one of the biggest problems for a water garden. Here are just a few of the tips she includes:

  • Aerating the water can help to fight some types of algae. You can add a small spillway or waterfall.
  • If you shade at least 1/3 of the water you’ll help to reduce algae. This is a tip that’s good to know before you install a pond or other water garden. But Margaret shares some other shade tips for existing water gardens.

To read this really helpful article and see all of Margaret’s tips, click on the 14 Springtime Water-Garden Care Tips link below.

14 Springtime Water-Garden Care Tips

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