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 Now that Spring is here (Yay!), I wanted to share one of my favorite sites for buying garden seeds online.  Seeds Now has a huge assortment of organic, non-GMO heirloom seeds. These are open-pollinated seeds and are reasonably priced.

  • They have veggie, herb, and fruit seeds. These are quality, heirloom seeds that grow really well. The individual seed packets are really economical.
  • One thing I really like is that they have “seed banks.” These are collections of seeds in a category. For example, the All-in-1 Herbal Medicine Seed Bank contains 20 different popular herbal remedy seed varieties so that you can put in a complete herbal remedy garden. You get 13,000 seeds with that collection.  Another example is a Spring/Summer Seed Bank that includes 20 varieties of veggies, herbs and fruit. There are several other seed bank collections.
  • Then they have variety packs of seeds for herbs, hydroponic greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, mosquito repellent plants, medicinal herbs and more.
  • They also have all sorts of gardening supplies and gifts for that special gardener in your life. I love the Garden in a Bag and Garden in a Pail gifts, which are perfect for kids!

If you place an order be sure to use Coupon Code “SAVE10NOW” to get 10% off of your order.

 Click on the SeedsNow Online Organic Seeds link below to check out SeedsNow.

SeedsNow Online Organic Seeds

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