19 Beautiful DIY Bird Feeders

19 Bird Feeders


During the winter it’s more difficult for birds to find food. By hanging bird feeders in your back yard, you accomplish a couple of things. First, you help the birds to survive the harsh weather by giving them food. Secondly, the birds add warmth and color to you back yard.

This is a collection of different bird feeders, that you can make. There’s a lot of variety. If you see a bird feeder that you like, just click on the link. You’ll be brought to a tutorial for that bird feeder.

These are just a few of the feeders you can make:

  • Biodegradable Orange Bird Feeder
  • DIY Birdseed Ice Ornaments
  • How To Make A Mason Jar Bird Feeder
  • How To Make A Feeder From A Flowerpot
  • And MORE!

Click on the 19 Beautiful DIY Bird Feeders link below to see all 19 bird feeders on the Homemade Home Ideas website.

19 Beautiful DIY Bird Feeders

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