29 Fantastic Garden Lighting Ideas

garden lighting


As the author of this post begins:

“There are plenty of reasons to light up your yard. You may want to highlight features, line paths, or illuminate your gathering area. Another reason for outdoor lighting is to accentuate and protect your garden area.

When the sun goes down your garden can be left in the dark. If you have worked hard to build a visually appealing and atmospheric garden, you may want it to be seen more often than the sun would allow. With a few well placed lighting elements you can brighten up your garden at night and allow your flowers and botanical efforts to be seen all hours of the day.”

The post shares 29 different garden lighting ideas. Some of the ideas would work well in small gardens. Other requires would require larger spaces. Lots of fun to look at all the photos and looking at the lighting options.

Click on the 29 Fantastic Garden Lighting Ideas link below to see all of the great garden lighting ideas.

29 Fantastic Garden Lighting Ideas

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