32 Inspiring Garden Fountains


32 Inspiring Garden Fountains


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Adding a fountain to your garden or backyard adds the soothing and relaxing sound of running water. This article shares 32 different garden fountains. If you see a fountain you like, just click on the picture and you’ll see more details.

I only saw one or two DIY tutorials. These are mostly for inspiration. Another nice feature of this article is that for many of the fountains, if you click on the picture there are often additional pictures of the garden the fountain is from.

Some of these fountains would work on ground locations in a small garden space. There’s one balcony fountain, but I’m not sure most buildings would allow you to install it.  It’s a very nice collection of garden fountains.  Click on the 32 Inspiring Garden Fountains link below to see all 32 fountains.

32 Inspiring Garden Fountains

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