55 Small Urban Garden Design Ideas And Pictures

Small Urban Gardens


Shelterness has gathered photos of 55 different urban gardens that may provide inspiration for your own garden.  From the introduction:

“In case you doesn’t live in suburbs but want a beautiful garden – don’t worry. We’ve gathered lots of small urban garden design ideas for your inspiration.

Those of you who doesn’t live in suburbs or somewhere in a forest might still want to have a beautiful garden in your backyard – we’re here to help. Small urban gardens could be used as for growing vegetables as for simply relaxing outdoors. A city garden needs a careful planning but can become an awesome outdoor “room”. We’ve already shared with you amazing urban terraces and now we’re going to show you some amazing ideas for small urban gardens.”

Then the post provides photos of a wide variety of urban gardens. Here are just a few:

Urban Garden with Pond   

urban garden








Urban Garden with Terrace Wood

urban garden with terrace wood








Small Urban Garden

small urban garden








Click on the 55 Small Urban Garden Design Ideas And Pictures link below to see all 55 urban garden ideas.

55 Small Urban Garden Design Ideas And Pictures

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