Choosing Fruit Trees for Small Gardens

Fruit Trees for Small Gardens

Anne is a gardener in Australia who shares some tips for selecting fruit trees for small gardens.

She begins her post with:

“I grow a LOT of fruit trees in a small space. Some in containers, others in the garden. It’s highly productive and I grow kilos of fruit every year. Some fruit trees are young and on their way to producing. Others are putting food on the table regularly!

Here, I grow a lot of tropical fruit trees like bananas, papaya, mango, mulberries, citrus and peaches. It takes time to get to know each fruit and how much space they require to be productive.

It can be overwhelming if you’re just starting out growing fruit trees, so I hope these tips help you avoid expensive mistakes.”

Then she shares 5 tips for growing fruit trees in your garden.  Some things you’ll learn:

  • What should guide you in picking fruit trees to grow
  • What to assess in your garden that will help you pick the right fruit to grow
  • What type of fruit trees are best for balconies, patios and small spaces
  • Growing fruit in containers
  • What you need to know about pollination

It’s a great, fact-filled post that will help if you’re considering growing fruit trees in your small garden space. Click on Choosing Fruit Tree for Small Gardens link below to read Anne’s complete post.

Choosing Fruit Trees for Small Gardens