Easy Guide to Growing Basil

How to Grow Basil


Basil is one of my favorite herbs and is pretty easy to grow. This post by Anne explains everything you need to know to grow basil in your garden.

Anne begins:

“As a gardener and cook, I couldn’t bear to have a garden without Basil. This fragrant herb is not only grown for its flavour but also its many health benefits. I use it in our kitchen as much for its delicious taste as I do for its medicinal properties.

Interested in growing basil? Try it in a pot, garden or on your kitchen bench as sprouts or microgreens.

Every year, I allocate ‘prime real estate’ space to basil in pots, as well as around my garden. Read on for how you can use this versatile herb.”

She goes on to discuss:

  • Which variety of basil should you grow
  • The many uses for Holy Basil (Ocimum Sanctum)
  • How to grow basil (including a very cool tip on when to plant)

Click on the Easy Guide to Growing Basil link below to read Anne’s complete post.

Easy Guide to Growing Basil