Guide to Landscape Water Gardens & Features

water garden

Kelly has written a great post about water gardens and water features that you can include in your garden. The nice thing is that there are water options for all sizes and types of gardens.

For the water feature pictured above, Kelly writes:

Water features lend themselves to virtually any kind and style of container, including oversize galvanized tubs. The containers must, of course, be watertight. Large-scale containers such as these can support large-scale plants, adding height and structure to a landscape water feature. Group a few complementary containers of various sizes for a striking water-feature focal point.

Best For: Gardeners with a flair for reimagining. An ability to see a container from a different perspective creates a water feature with style to match the garden’s sensibility. Once installed, these projects become easy-to-maintain garden centerpieces. “

She includes 14 different water treatments:  table-top water features, small ponds, bird baths, larger water treatments. It’s a slideshow post so just click “Next” and “Prev” to move through each photo and treatment.

Click on the Guide to Landscape Water Features link below to see Kelly’s post.

Guide to Landscape Water Features

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