How to Grow Potatoes in Containers

how to grow potatoes in containers

Would you like to grow potatoes but don’t have a lot of garden space? You can do it! Potatoes grow well in containers. In this slideshow article, Kerry explains all of the steps in planting, growing watering and harvesting potatoes. She also explains sunlight requirements.

You can allow a few potatoes that you have now to sprout and use those as starter potatoes. However, you’ll have greater success if you use actual seed potatoes. You can get seed potatoes at nurseries or online. You only have to buy them once since you can reserve some of your potato crop to use as seed potatoes next year. Kerry provides one online source for organic seed potatoes which has a nice selection of different potato varieties.

Kerry mentions Smart Pots in the article. I wanted to comment on Smart Pots. I used them for the first time last year and absolutely love them. They are lightweight even when filled with soil, so moving plants is easier. Because they’re made of fabric, your potatoes or tomatoes or flowers will get extra air. The pots also drain beautifully so you have very little risk of root rot. Smart Pots come in every size from 1 gallon to 100 gallons. This is an example of the 45 gallon Smart Pot (That green thing on the front is a paper label that you pull off and discard):

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You can see all of the Smart Pots and get more information on this page at

To read Kerry’s complete article, click on the How to Grow Potatoes in Containers link below.

How to Grow Potatoes in Containers

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