Make a DIY Butterfly Feeder

DIY Butterfly Feeder

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Lynn Coulter shares some incredibly easy ways to make a DIY Butterfly feeder. She adapts the butterfly watering station featured in Kylee Baumle’s book, The Monarch: Saving Our Most-Loved Butterfly .

She begins with:

“It may not seem like a feast to you, but a dish of decaying fruit is just the ticket to lure butterflies to your garden. Set out their favorite foods and a source of water, and watch for them from spring into fall.

Butterfly feeders are easy to make, and kids will find it fun to help. Here are a few options for your homemade diner, and take note: you can shop for plates, saucers or other shallow containers from a thrift store or your own cabinet. But since the feeder will be outdoors, don’t use anything valuable.”
Then she explains how to make a couple of different butterfly feeders using old plates and other materials. She includes some recommendations for what food to put in the feeder. There’s also a helpful set of tips at the end of the post.Click on the Make a DIY Butterfly Feeder link below to see the complete tutorial.

Make a DIY Butterfly Feeder

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