Problems with Bird Seed in the Garden

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Image: Warren Price

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Feeding birds encourages them to stay within visual contact, but there are bird seed types that may affect your prized plants. Use caution when purchasing wild bird seed to avoid excess waste, allelopathic effects and unwanted pests.


In this article, Bonnie discusses the best way to place bird feeders in your garden so that they don’t have a negative effect on any nearby plants.

She covers:

  • Bird feeder problems
  • The best type of bird food to buy
  • A particular seed to avoid
  • The best way to place bird feeders

This article will help you to incorporate birds and bird feeders into your garden without harming your garden plants and flowers. Click on theĀ Bird Feeder Problems: Sunflower Seed Toxins And Its Effect On Plant Grow link below to read the complete article.

Problems With Bird Seed in the Garden

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