Small Vegetable Garden Plans and Ideas

Welcome to Small Garden Ideas. We offer gardening ideas from around the internet that address the needs of people with small gardening spaces. This includes pocket gardens, patio gardens, balcony gardens, rooftop gardens, urban gardens and more. There's No space too small for a gardener! If you have any questions, please contact us at Thank you!

Vegetable Gardening Online has an excellent article about creating a small-space vegetable garden.  This is fro their post:

“Thinking of starting a small vegetable garden at home? Here are a few easy tips and ideas to help you plan!

Square foot, container and other small plot garden plans are perfect for growing vegetables when space or time are limited.

Planning and planting a small garden is a very wise decision in today’s economy.

Not only can you save money and eat better food, but learning how to provide for your family without depending on outside sources is practical and prudent.”

There’s a video that describes a DIY 1-day small garden plan, square foot gardening with a downloadable plan, container gardening, vertical gardening and more!

Click on the Small Vegetable Garden Plans and Ideas link below to see a variety of plans and ideas for a small-spce veggie garden..

Small Vegetable Garden Plans and Ideas

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