How To Grow Carrots In Pots

As this post begins: “Growing carrots in containers is easy and you can get a decent harvest of this sweet and crispy vegetable even if you don’t have a garden!” You don’t need an outdoor garden or a lot of space to crow carrots this summer. This post shares everything you need to know to […]

Growing Raspberries іn Containers

Planting raspberries іn outdoor gardens іѕ іndееd а rewarding experience fоr fruit growers. Thе fresh, juicy berries harvested frоm а home garden simply taste great. Thе unfortunate part іѕ, оnlу ѕоmе оf uѕ have а garden fоr growing fruit plants. Hоwеvеr, уоu dоn’t lеt уоur interest down fоr nоt having sufficient space оr suitable planting […]

Which Plants Do Bunnies, Cats, Dogs, and Chickens Like to Eat?

This post discusses veggies, herbs, and grasses that you can grow in your garden for dogs cats, and rabbits.  There’s also a seed packet they mention that’s ideal for growing plants for chickens.  You’ll also find helpful notes about each veggie or herb. Finally, there’s a link to seeds, if you’d like to grow any […]

How To Choose Garden Gloves

If you’re debating using garden gloves or want to know what to look for in selecting garden gloves, Darcy has written a post that may help you. She begins: “Ok, not everyone is a fan but wearing loves in the garden is actually important if you want to avoid pricks from thorns, splinters or nasty […]

How to Create a Pocket Garden

In this post, Bonnie explains how to create a pocket garden. She begins: “Pocket gardens allow you the opportunity to brighten a space with living plants in underutilized spaces. Special unexpected pops of color and texture can soften even the sparest spaces and all you need is a little bit of soil and a niche of […]

How To Protect Tomato Plants From Squirrels

Gardening is a lot of work. Preparing the soil, planting, watering, weeding, fertilizing are all activities that take time and energy. So when you finally see veggies like tomato plants bear fruit, it’s painful to see critters like squirrels dining on your produce.  Ilana has some helpful tips to protect your tomatoes from squirrels. She […]

Easy Guide to Growing Microgreens

Anne has so many great gardening posts on her site, The Micro Gardener. ( In this post, she explains everything you need to know to grow microgreens in your garden. She begins: “Second only to sprouts, microgreens are the quickest food crop we urban gardeners can grow! If you have limited time, space or gardening […]

Easy Guide to Growing Basil

Basil is one of my favorite herbs and is pretty easy to grow. This post by Anne explains everything you need to know to grow basil in your garden. Anne begins: “As a gardener and cook, I couldn’t bear to have a garden without Basil. This fragrant herb is not only grown for its flavour […]

Choosing Fruit Trees for Small Gardens

Anne is a gardener in Australia who shares some tips for selecting fruit trees for small gardens. She begins her post with: “I grow a LOT of fruit trees in a small space. Some in containers, others in the garden. It’s highly productive and I grow kilos of fruit every year. Some fruit trees are […]

What Is Japanese Wabi-Sabi Gardening

I had not heard of Japanese Wabi-Sabi Gardening, so I read this article with interest. What I like is that wabi-sabi techniques can be used in any type of garden. Ilana begins by explaining what wabi-sabi is: “Wabi sabi can be defined as “beauty in imperfection” and can incorporate asymmetry, incompleteness, impermanence, and simplicity. In […]