Butterfly Garden Flowers & Plants by Region

Butterfly gardening is the practice of planting flowers and plants that attract butterflies to a garden. The butterflies are pretty, fun to watch and fun to photograph. Some people also try to attract butterflies that are rare or threatened and try to help them to multiply and survive. Jessica of the Wayfair site sent me […]

Container Gardening: The Best 16 Plants for Your Home Garden

Container gardening is a fun way to grow plants. However, some plants are easier to grow in containers. Dan has collected the best 16 plants for a home container garden. He describes each plant and includes helpful links and some great recipes. For example, basil is on his go-to list of best plants. He also […]

How to Grow Potatoes in Containers

Would you like to grow potatoes but don’t have a lot of garden space? You can do it! Potatoes grow well in containers. In this slideshow article, Kerry explains all of the steps in planting, growing watering and harvesting potatoes. She also explains sunlight requirements. You can allow a few potatoes that you have now […]

10 Safe DIY Vertical Gardens

This is a nice collection of safe DIY vertical gardens. For each type of vertical garden, Shelley offers helpful tips, advice, and cautions. There are also links listed for each type of vertical garden. Shelley discusses the following types of vertical gardens: Pallet Gardens Fabric Plant Pockets Gutter Gardens PVC Pipe Gardening Grow Bins and […]

DIY Mini Gardens

Dan 330 shared this article by Kathy of the Garden Glove website. It really gives new meaning to the idea of small garden ideas. Mini gardens are very tiny gardens that are very trendy right now. Kathy shares 9 different mini garden ideas. If you see an idea you like, click on the associated link, […]

How to Garden Anywhere ~ 33 Examples

  This is a terrific slideshow on the Sunset website. It’s really helpful to see photos of different gardening spaces. The article encourages people to make every inch of a small home or space. After each idea there’s a link to information about the gardening method and often there’s a tutorial. Here are just a […]